The Artisan Cruise Shop

All our items are handcrafted in Hue and made out of Bamboo Nan Paper and exclusively distributed to only a handful of outlets such as ourselves here at Artisan Cruise. All items are carefully crafted by the designer Truc Chi who is on the path of building a new value of Vietnamese culture.

Truc Chi Fan - click to enlarge

Tru Chi Fan

This stunningly beautiful fan can be purchased individually or pre-ordered with customization - for example with your company logo - for event souvenirs or as presents for your customers. Customization can be done for 10 pieces minimum.

Price: 380,000 VND per piece or 350,000 VND if more than 25 pieces ordered. There is normally no extra charge for customisation.

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life...

Truc Chi Postcards - click to enlarge

Antique Postcards

Antique postcards depicting life and times of Vietnam in years gone by, beautifully presented in a Truc Chi box, or available individually.

Price: 300,000 VND for 1 box of postcards (10 cards per box). Postcards bought individually are priced at 25,000 VND each

Truc Chi Postcards - click to enlarge