Artisan Cruise - Your Event Boat on the Riverways of Saigon

A dinner cruise on the Saigon River offering traditional Vietnamese food with fresh ingredients - the old school way - with love and passion! Enjoy a romantic tête-à-tête dinner cruise with your partner, or charter the whole boat for your private party, up to 75 guests.

Our Artisan cruise is an authentic dinner cruise offering traditional Vietnamese dishes with fresh ingredients - the old school way - with love and surely with the finest ingredients and a whole lotta bang. We love taking classic Vietnamese dishes and remixing it to tantalize our taste buds, finding inspiration in music, art and daily Vietnamese life.

The 1.5 hours dinner cruise includes a free welcome cocktail, with acoustic guitar player and live jazz singer entertainment while you enjoy our Vietnamese fusion buffet.

I am Ines, owner and your Maître d'hôtel - an Austrian, a boat afficianado and a food lover. I married my two favourite things, boats and food, to create the most outrageously awesome gourmet cruise on the Saigon River.

Join me in the center of HCMC, Saigon Port, 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street - Book online here to be sure of your table...

Good things come to those who wait...